So here's the thing...

Learning photography from my father and passing on my love of creating images to my oldest son, nothing I do outside of my family feels as "right" as does photography. I've been blessed to have my work published in books and magazines and I am truly honored that people choose to display my images in their homes,  businesses and public spaces. 


While some of these seemingly random and disconnected photographs were captured for me and some were produced for clients, they each represent a favorite of mine. Some pieces just speak to me due to color, composition or simplicity, while many others are favorites due to the story behind their creation or the story that the image subsequently tells. 


Thank you for taking the time to discover my photography as represented by these few images.  If you'd like to purchase artwork or photographic services, or if you have any questions or comments I'm always happy to hear from friends, peers, and future clients.

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John D. Andersen, Photographer

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